5 Steps To Earning $3000/month As A Professional Musician


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The Professional Musician Roadmap To Success

After answering 4 simple questions, you will know which stage you're at and what actions to take to drive you closer to earning $3000/month from your music business.

The Pre Startup Stage

Start building your foundation of experience.

The Startup Stage

Learn how to lever your experience into paid projects.

The Grind Stage

Implement a three step plan to multiply your clientele.

The Freelancer Stage

Grow your income by treating your hobby as a business.

The Entrepreneur Stage

Achieve long term sustainability.

What Do You Want To Learn?

Get More Clients

Transform your mindset from hobbyist to entrepreneur, to land more session work online and grow your music business.



Start marketing yourself as a professional online and learn everything you need to create an effective website that converts. 


Working Less/Earning More

Learn how to run your business more efficiently, to increase hourly income and give you more free time.




Craig Sepala ★★★★★

"TPMA has provided me with an insightful depiction of the industry and has been more than helpful in assisting me gain further business as a session musician. It’s great to see someone so passionate about the music industry and the willingness to help others thrive within it!"

Adam Bloor ★★★★★

"I’ve found every video I have watched extremely helpful and I have learnt a lot from it, I’ve gained many ways to get more work and will 100% be using the things that I have learnt in the future. Would recommend this to anyone"

Chris Barrien ★★★★★

"Speaking as a career Marketer and entrepreneur, I can confidently say that TPMA provides valuable and relevant insights to the community of musicians. I would highly recommend this company to any aspiring musician who is looking to make a career out their talents.."


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